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Published Date Nov 07, 2019
Closing on Dec 15, 2020
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Poultry farming is a widespread economic activity in farming communities where people depend on it to either meet their needs for eggs and meat or sell it as a source of income.




Khedr Mohammed Fadl, a young man who wants to establish his own business in poultry farming to have a source of income, to feed his family. The project includes buying chicks and breeding them for four months, when they start to produce eggs. The production process continues until 16 months, then they start selling chickens as white meat. For this project to succeed, this process requires hiring an expert, a veterinarian and workers to oversee the farming, to raise the production and help prevent the loss in chickens due to virus infection.

Khedr needs the necessary budget to launch his project, therefore, he aspires that you help him raise the fund needed to establish his project that will secure a decent life for him and others as well.


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