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Published Date Nov 07, 2019
Closing on Nov 14, 2020
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In order to finance small projects, ANAM relies on the application of value chain methodology thus organize productive projects for families which are wishing to develop income-generating projects. Small farmers (potato seed, fertilizer, burlap, etc.) are




The question of economic development and the maintenance of sustained economic growth rates is one of the most important and complex issues for the States, enterprises and individuals alike. This is because economic growth is the fundamental measure of the vitality of society and its ability to interact with its needs of goods and services within the framework of the ability to produce according to supply and demand. Therefore, value chain projects have become a prominent place in all economies of the world for their goods and services directly related to the lives of small farmers, and for their contribution to economic development.

Project Aim: To enhance the credit capacity of the company's financing portfolio to the extent that it can achieve its objectives to qualify the target communities with its services and increase the capabilities of those communities to grow and develop value chain projects that are income-generating and sustainable by providing the infrastructure support and achieve the desired development.


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