About Narwi


Silatech is an international, social development organization, established by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser in 2008. Silatech aims at tackling unemployment, extremism and the marginalization of youth and women through employment and economic empowerment initiatives. Silatech, also empowers youth to become the agents of change, and to be capable of transforming their lives and societies for the best.


Our Story

Narwi means “to tell a story,” as well as “to nourish,” in Arabic. We tell stories of ambitious micro-entrepreneurs with different backgrounds, aspirations and needs. Through Narwi, you can help them grow their enterprises, create jobs and realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Narwi has been incubated by Silatech, a regional initiative focused on youth employment and enterprise development. Narwi is also supported by a number of strategic partners that are committed to helping the platform reach its full potential.

Our Vision

We envision an ecosystem in which micro-entrepreneurs are able to create economic opportunities for themselves and others through enterprise creation, contributing to the economic and social development of their societies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mobilize the newest form of charitable giving through Narwi, a platform that connects micro-entrepreneurs with capital and knowledge, mobilized through the crowd, empowering them to grow sustainable businesses and create jobs for others.
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