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Cheese and Yogurt Production


Published Date Feb 18, 2020
Closing on Feb 04, 2021
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The Cheese and Yogurt Production project provides self-employment opportunities for ambitious, unemployed college graduates who studied animal production and qualifies them to obtain formal financial services from Micro-financial Institutions.




Dairy products provide essential nutrients for babies and young people. The high demand for cheese and yogurt has encouraged many young people, particularly college graduates to aim for financial independence by seizing the tremendous opportunities and gains from the local manufacturing of cheese and yogurt. The idea of the Cheese and Yogurt Production project is to lead resourceful and entrepreneurial minded graduates to invest in animal production and establish home-based enterprises with the potential of decreasing local unemployment and promoting the widespread development SMEs; with the challenge to drive the  economic development of deserving people from hardworking and disadvantaged communities.  


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