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Published Date Nov 07, 2019
Closing on Nov 15, 2020
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Investment in promising sectors plays a key role in the economic development and jobs creation. Sudan is known for being one of the richest among Arab and African countries in livestock, making it an important source of leather in the world. Therefore, th




Osman Ibrahim, a Sudanese young man, has always searched vainly for a suitable job, especially with the economic crisis in Sudan. Osman thought of having his own business that can be a source of income. Although there are many leather tanning factories, a large proportion of Sudanese leather is exported as raw material to some Middle East and European countries as there is high demand on tanned leather which is used in the manufacturing of leather products such as shoes and bags. Osman wants to buy an Italian-made iron specialized in leather tanning. This iron produces five feet of leather every 15 minutes, and then he plans to sell it in the local market. Osman does not have the necessary money to launch his business.

Osman hopes you will help by funding his business, that will secure him a source of income and a decent life.


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