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Onion Drying


Published Date Feb 18, 2020
Closing on Feb 04, 2021
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The Onion Drying project aims to provide self-employment opportunities for unemployed youth of both genders. The project will help to stimulate impoverished communities and provide a natural solution to meet consumer demands for onions all year.




Onions are a perishable; seasonable crop and  their cultivation is widespread in many areas of Sudan. More and more families remain active in the onion drying industry to ensure the bountiful harvest from the production season is available to consumers year-round. Therefore, the onion drying industry is crucial to sustain the livelihood of families who depend on this essential crop to earn an honest living and promotes financial benefits which contribute to serving the greater good. The Onion Drying project is essentially  a meaningful enterprise based project which is proven to  support the financing of young people from poor families who want to dry onions as a means to become independent and transform the lives of youth from deserving communities by eliminating the spread of poverty.


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